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Information about Osmocote fertilizers

Information about Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizer, a coated NPK fertilizer that releases nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, trace elements for garden and plant fertilizers and is a fertilizer supply company for Wholesale Nurseries Suppliers and plant nutrition

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Nutritious planting with Osmocose
Osmocote Fertilizers


Osmocote Controlled Release Fertilizers available for sale.


Environmental friendly way of fertilizing

What advantages does Osmocote® offer?


  • Plants grow better and faster, because they get all the nutrients they require whenever they require it.
  • Osmocote® contributes to an environmentally friendly way of fertilizing; the leaching of nutrients is minimized by the coating
  • Less pressure of diseases and infestations thanks to an even supply of nutrients and healthy plant growth
  • Satisfied customers : the plants retain their high quality even in the phase after delivery at the consumer, thanks to the continued release of nutrients!
  • Easy application.
  • Less labour intensive than conventional and cheaper methods of fertilizing; this leads to a smaller chance of costly application mistakes.
  • Absolute safety
  • Separate nutrition and watering
  • Ease of management. One application of fertilizer for the entire growing period at the nursery.


Choose the longevity matching your requirements.


Osmocote® is available in several “longevities”.

The longevity indicates the period of time over which a granule continues to release nutrients. There are longevities available of 3-4 months, 5-6 months, 8-9 months, 12-14 months and even 16-18 months.


Throughout the longevity, the level of release of nutrients is related to the temperature. Nothing else influences the release!


The release begins shortly after application. The stated longevity applies at an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

At higher temperatures, for example if used in a warmer climate zone or in a greenhouse, the release will be accelerated.


The longevity will then be shorter.


At lower temperatures, the release will slow down and the longevity will be extended.



The Working Principles Of Osmocote ®.

Osmocote® consist of fine NPK granules, trace elements and added magnesium. All these elements are essential for plant growth.

Every granule is covered with an organic, semi-permeable coating (a kind of membrane) of biodegradable resin made of vegetable oils. After application of Osmocote®, water penetrates through the semi-permeable coating and starts to dissolve the nutrients present in the granule.

The release of nutrients starts once they have been partially dissolved. A pump-like action is initiated due to differences in osmotic pressure . The plant is able to take up the released nutrients.

In general, the start-up phase lasts approximately 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the longevity. No effect on the release by other factors. Salt level, pH, microbial activity and water quality or rainfall have no influence on the release of nutrients. Only the temperature is important, making Osmocote® very reliable in its use.

Once all the nutrients have been released, the membrane starts to degrade. How long this takes is dependent on the composition of the soil or substrate and on microbial activity. So, Osmocote® releases on temperature alone!

No amount of rain or irrigation will lead to excessive leaching.

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